What is Content Marketing and how it helps your business

Photo: SpaceX launch by Christian Holler

Photo: SpaceX launch by Christian Holler

This morning I was asked to explain what I meant by “Content Marketing” and why it is relevant in today’s digital world. It has been the hottest sales / demand generating topic for some time and we’ve been doing it at Terabyte for 3-4 years now, with us realising its value in some unexpected ways...

I was asked if it was only applicable to professional services firms and the answer is a definite NO. For example for a home building company, good content marketing would include publishing content on topics that are important to people thinking of buying a new home before they know they’re a prospect for a new house, eg:

  • How to compare buying an existing first home vs a new first home
  • Why a new home is cheaper forever
  • The pros and cons of having a house built for you
  • The pros and cons of having your own architect and builder vs a reputable building company
  • How banks help you finance a brand new home

So you can see the content you put out there isn’t shouting for attention, it’s valuable and likely to be shared and subtly carry your brand with it. Here's how it works...

The content you produce is pushed out through multiple channels including direct email, LinkedIn, and social media automatically over time using an inbound marketing system such as HubSpot. It’s automatically tracked and measured.

Once someone is engaged with any piece of content (by providing their email address in exchange for an ebook on the subject for example) they’re added into your HubSpot database and are then their online engagement with you is tracked. And by downloading en ebook, they’re into a nurturing workflow which involves clever personalised follow up emails etc. All automatically.

Furthermore, when anyone hits your website, your sales team know immediately:

  1. If on a corporate network which firm they’re from (by clever IP tracking) – this is amazing. (eg “Alert: Someone from [name of company] has spent 5 minutes on our website”)
  2. If they’re someone who’s been previously engaging with our content, their name (eg “David Smith has returned to the website for a 3rd time in a week”)
  3. How many prospect “points” they have and, if they’ve hit the magic number, eg 50/100, an alert to get in touch with them as they’re “warm and ready”.

And beyond the standard lead generation benefits we’ve found some slightly unexpected benefits to our overall brand resulting form this:

  • We’re now better known in the market and perceived as an industry leader
  • We have found recruitment substantially easier… Good people are falling over themselves to come and work for us
  • Our team feels proud of what we do in educating and leading the market
  • Content we published last year continues working for us as it answers questions prospects have when they are Googling for information on topics we’re written about.

And you know what... it is much easier than you may think it is to do this.

Here's a brief overview of how to get started...