When a disruption threat becomes an opportunity

Air traffic controller-less towers a digital disruption opportunity for NZ

The leading NZ Herald business news story this morning focuses on cyber threats to Airways systems. However, I think the real message here is the global disruption opportunity for NZ Airways through the future of how air traffic control will be deployed.

The story says that Airways was studying where towers in areas of low traffic could be replaced by virtual towers as part of a transformation over the next decade and beyond according to Trent Fulcher, Head of Strategy at Airways NZ.

The article talks about how this can be both more cost efficient and safer.

"Things like virtual tower technology provides great opportunities because you can use that technology to look after a sector anywhere in the world quite easily. There's follow the sun services where we would work with European providers and do their night time operations at a better rate," said Fulcher.

I find it really interesting how this disruption to the way Air Traffic Control will be deployed in future offers NZ an opportunity to provide these services to other countries in their night time due to our remote location and place in the world.

Lets use this to think about the products and services your business provides and how you could look at disruption threats like this is as opportunities.