Why business leaders should watch TVNZ's "What Next?" this week

Last night I eagerly watched TVNZ's "What Next?" which over this week gets the nation thinking about what New Zealand could look like in 2037.

Please watch it... on from last night (Sunday 11th June) to Thursday 15th June 2017 at 8.30pm on TV1.

[Update 16/6/17: The series is now over but you can watch it on here on TVNZ On Demand.]

Nigel Latta and John Campbell team up to present this five part live and interactive series that explores what our future will look like.

Image: TVNZ

Image: TVNZ

Naturally digital technologies play a big part in the conversations... and the show uses live voting and feedback to questions posed on the show with audience live feedback via their internet connection. That's pretty cool and had it's challenges with some people finding the servers overloaded but it was fine for me.

If you missed it, you can watch the episodes on-line here

The good bit is in the conversations and questions raised with the best bit (to me anyway) being getting the audiences really thinking about our future and the impact technology may have.

Questions asked last night included:

  1. Would you trust a robot with your life?
  2. Could a robot do a better job than you? 
  3. Will technology make your life better? 
  4. Should kids prepare for traditional or technology based careers?
  5. Do you want Plan A or Plan B (outlined on the programme) for dealing with the effects of technology?

An example of one conversation was the possible impacts of driverless cars to our lifestyle. The majority appears confident that it would happen. Impacts covered will be how cars will change from an expensive asset to a commodity that's shared, time spent commuting can be productive with skype calls, reading or otherwise working. Commuting greater distances will be less of a problem as productivity isn't lost. And property prices, currently the closer to CBDs the more demand, may change where proximity to a city business hub is less valuable.

So please, watch it, participate and engage in this thinking about our futures.